The only two articles you need to read today about 9/11

This weekend is going to be one of mixed emotions.

It’s another college football weekend. Things are looking up after a very tough summer.

Fall is a time of optimism and we could sure use some now.

But today is also 9/11.

And the 20th anniversary of the terrorist act that forever altered America’s view of itself, its’ safety, and its’ place in the world.

So throughout the weekend there are somber reminders about that singular day and it’s impact on our lives, culture, future.

You can get buried in the media coverage this weekend, but perhaps seeing/reading less, not more, is a better option.

Below, two articles that expand our understanding of what happened on 9/11.

The first is about the famous “Falling Man” photo, and was originally published by Esquire. 

The piece was written by Tom Junod and it’s stunning.

The second article is about the journey of Air Force One, with President George W. Bush onboard, as it navigated the skies of America after the attack on the World Trade Center

This one is from our friends at Politico, and is by Garrett Graff. 

That’s all you need to read on 9/11.

But it’s not all you need to think about.




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