You did it. You wrote the script (documentary or feature), worked with some of your producer friends to break it down and get a rough budget, pitched it to NETFLIX and they Greenlighted your project. You’re a “go”. 

Now comes the hard part: producing the film.

Netflix is a very productive company and they have totally changed the paradigm for movie/tv production in Hollywood. They’ve come a long way from a company that sent out DVDs by mail to clients to being one of the biggest–if not THE BIGGEST–movie studios in the world.

They didn’t get there by chance. Netflix has its’ own set of standards about the shape and format of the film/video that you shoot, and cruising across the net, researching video production, the gang at the Media Bunker came across their official guidelines for cameras to be used for production.

Here’s the link: Netflix Image Capture Cameras and Standards

You’ll notice every camera must be at least 4k in resolution and some are 8K. The output format that’s acceptable is also specified.

The point is that Netflix is very button-ed up on what they expect to receive from producers and production companies who are shooting projects for them. Click through to see the level of detail that Netflix goes to in terms of setting up the camera for their productions.  They don’t take technical risks; instead, like very sharp studio guys, they take the risks on the content. There’s a lesson there.





An Arriflex 4F video production camera, one of the cameras approved by Netflix for production shooting of Netflix content/features. Image copyright 2021 Arriflex. All rights reserved. 

The Fine Print: Photo courtesy of our friends at Arriflex, This photo has not been altered in anyway. We thank them for sharing. Text Copyright (c)2021 Donald Pierce and Southchester Group LLC,  all rights reserved. is produced by the team at the Media Bunker and Perception Engineering. Opinions expressed are those of the writers.   For daily world news coverage please check out, our sister site, which has links to every major English language newspaper in the world. Thanks for reading. Come back soon (and stay safe). 

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