Christmas One More Time, V

The Hunt for New Music: 
Another Christmas playlist composed of new songs you probably haven’t heard before combined with some old favorites re-done by new artists…pay particular attention to the first song, which is a pretty great remix of a classic holiday song. All in all, a very good list and yes, there is music you can dance to. Enjoy the music and the season.

You can enjoy the entire playlist through the courtesy of our friends at Spotify.  Click the play button the playlist and then you’ll have a couple of choices: sign in if you currently have a Spotify account; signup for a free Spotify account (you’ll be glad you did) or take advantage of one of their specials which provide access to the Premium version which has a few extra features the freebie doesn’t have –wider selection and no commercials. Either way, you should check it out if you like music.  Enjoy…and Happy Holidays. Special thanks to DJ Tschugge for compiling the list, along with the team at the Media Bunker and thanks to our friends at Spotify for enabling the embed music link. 

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