The (Secret)History of Christmas Music

This holiday season, in addition to new posts, material, and videos, we are revisiting some of the greats of Christmas past. When the Media Bunker staff started sorting the Christmas posts, they discovered tons of holiday themed articles and posts…dat’s alot. So, no need to keep it all tucked away in a digital cloud….might as well bring it out’s a tradition. First up, the rather amazing history of the song “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”…’s a lot wilder than you would suspect. Enjoy. And Merry Christmas (and don’t forget…The famous Christmas One More Time playlists start posting on 1 December 2019.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. Elmo and Patsy.
The Hunt For New Music: It wouldn’t be a Christmas without a Christmas novelty song. The story behind this one is even more wonderful (And weird) than the song. Recorded by the then- husband-and-wife duo of Elmo ( Shropshire) and Patsy (Trigg), it was released in 1979 in the San Francisco area, their home. Over time, the song was played on more and more stations across the country and by 1984, it became a national hit; in 2000 the song was turned into a TV special. Oddly enough, Patsy does not sing or play an instrument on this song, which could just be the reason the couple divorced after the song hit it big. Elmo, however, has ridden it to a very amusing kind of holiday fame as each yule season he does tons of radio and TV interviews (in 2005, he was on 11 TV shows and did 150 radio interviews). Last year, “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” was sold on 200,000 CDs in retail stores and—get this—downloaded over 100,000 times as a ringtone, which gives the term ringing in the season a totally new and perverse twist. Elmo is Dr. Elmo Shropshire, Veterinarian, which might explain why he knows so much about the homicidal behavior of reindeer.0

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