The Bob Hope Christmas Special: 1969

The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of YouTube. Thanks, guys, for sharing this American classic. 

Paying Attention:
For decades, Bob Hope took his act on the road to entertain American troops around the world during the Christmas holidays.
The result was a series of classic performances that brightened the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans fighting in wars around the world. No one did it better than Bob and no one was better at convincing some of the biggest names in entertainment to make the trip with him.
This particular video is from Hope’s 1967 Christmas Tour.
Every one of these videos is a classic in its’ own way and showing them again is a good way to honor the sacrifice of the man who gave up his Christmas at home to bring the Christmas spirit to American soldiers around the world.
Thank you, Mr. Hope, for the Memories.



The Fine Print: Special Thanks to YouTube who made this broadcast available and also the Bob Hope Estate and Family for sharing…..what a legacy Bob Hope left. 

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