The Year In Lists: 2021


 Yes. It was a pretty horrible year. All over the world. In Your Country. In Your City and State. Even in Your neigborhood. The year 2021 got bad in a hurry…we were barely into January when a rowdy group of political disfunctionals stormed the Capital, eventually breaking in, creating havoc, deaths, and a string of indictments for violence, trespassing, insurrection, etc. that are now playing out in courts…..the fact that the outgoing President, who lost the 2020 election by over 7 million votes–a huge margin–has been accused of inciting the riot (he denies it, but he’s been known to bend the truth and has a verified reputation for lying –30,000 plus in his four years in office– and who continues to spew the most egregious fibs about how the election was stolen from him) …it wasn’t stolen; he lost it…only adds to the ongoing polarization in America.

And that was just January. So…taking stock in December 2021 about what happened in the previous 12 and it’s..sobering….However, still, we’re wrapping up the year with our annual The Year in Lists post, where we show  you the good, the bad, the unbelievable and the ridiculous of the past year, as displayed, codified, and captured in lists. 

So get a glass of wine or pour a bourbon and settle in, for The Year in Lists 2021. You can’t make this stuff up. 

 Best Albums of the Year (NY Times)

Best Songs of Year (Esquire)

10 Best Non Fiction Books of 2021(Time)

Years Most ambitious Exhibitions (Hyperallergic)

Best Films Of 2021 (Paste Magazine)

Best TV 0f 2021(Rotten Tomatoes)

Times best of 2021 List (NY Times)

Funniest List of Best Lists (New Yorker)

Top Ten lists 

Most Mentioned Films on Critics List in 2021

Fifteen Worst Fashion Brands of 2021 (Zeitgeist)

Worst Shoes a Guy Can Wear 

110 Funniest Twitter Jokes of 2021 (BuzzFeed)

14 of the most anticipated EVs of 2022     (MASHABLE

15 Bundt Cake Recipes to bake (BON APETIT)

4 year end moves to make with your retirement portfolio (MARKET WATCH)

top 10 album of 2021  (LOS ANGELES TIMES)

10 new tv shows not enough people are watching  (BUZZ FEED)

Best sci-fi movies of2021 ( WIRED)

Movies that spat on the books they were based on ( BUZZ FEED)

8 Christmas hazards for dogs and cats   (YAHOO!STYLE)

10 Sports and Fitness Hobbies to check out in 2022(MENSWEAR STYLE)

2021 In The Cannabis World (FORBES)


Goodbye 2021 EP (APPLE)

Dave Barry’s 2021 Year in Review (WASHINGTON POST)


Royal Family’s Most Unforgettable Moments in 2021 (YouTube)

Best Looking Models of 2021 (FAKOA)

Dumbest Statements of 2021 (Buzzfeed)

Best TikToks of 2021(The Cut)

CNN’s Top 100 Digital Stories of 2021 (CNN)

 Best Racing Moments of 2021 (Road & Track)

 10 Best Fashion Instagrams of the Year (Vogue)

37 of the Best Summer Dresses for 2021 (The Cut)
7 Best SNL Moments of 2021 (Vogue)

The Worst Deal of 2021(Carolina Journal)

Best Teams of 2021 (YardBarker)

Highest Grossing Movies of 2021(Paste)

Best Cars We Drove in 2021 (CNET)

The Hottest Dress of 2021 (Grazia)

The Year of Overflow Culture (Wired)

Most Popular Songs of 2021 (Billboard)

9 Hidden TV Shows from 2021 You Might Have Missed (New York Post)

100 Best Stocks of 2021 (Investors Business Daily)

Photos of the Year(Time)

The Year in Overflow Culture(Wired)

10 Biggest Sports Stories of 2021 (Wired)

Best Investment Watches to Buy Online (Vogue)

Most Hated Stock List for 2022(CNBC)

World Chess Championship in 5 Charts (Five Thirty-Eight)


The the first The Year in Posts was produced in 2014. Photo courtesy of our friends at, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. The photo has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to Getty Images and/or their designate. Text(c) 2022 Donald Pierce, all rights reserved; post produced by the Media Bunker and Perception Engineering. Have a safe 2022, beware of COVID 19 and travel safely. We will, incidentally, add to the lists from time, so check back.  See year. 











































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