The Year In Lists: 2023




 Yes. It was a pretty horrible year. All over the world. In Your Country. In Your City and State. Even in Your Neigborhood. Think we’ve been over this once before? 2021? Yea…that’s the one. But 2023 is no prizewinner in the great-year-all-things-going-great category. A couple of wars. Incredible political polarization and political venom. Lots of court cases that involve the former ruling party (and it’s former ruling leader)……but…there some highlights…lemme see, they’re around here somewhere (hmm could you turn the music up while I look for them)…oh, here they are..our annual “Year in Lists” feature where we highlight the highs (and lows) of the previous year in the editorial format that American understands best: lists.  No need for deep reading comprehension here…just take a look at the headline and the info below and you’re getting the gist.

So here we go..the Year in lists for 2023. Get a good glass of wine or pour a bourbon and settle in for the way the culture/society/sports/fashion moved in 2023.


 The 50 Best Albums of 2023(Pitchfork)

Song of the Year (Rolling Stone)

Top News Stories of 2023 (NBC)

10 Best Non Fiction Books of 2023Time)

Best Humorous Situations in 2023 (New Yorker)

15 Cars to Avoid in 2023 (Hotcars)

Best&Worst Dressed at Paris Fashion Shows 2023 (The Phillipian)

Airlines to avoid in 2023(tickernews)

Top 100 CNN Digital Stories 

2023’s Best Performing US Stock Funds(Morningstar)

Time’s Top Photos of 2023 (Time)

Best Art Exhibitions of 2023(Washington Post)

Notable Deaths 2023 (CBS News)

NCAA Championships 2023 (Wikipedia)

America’s Best Restaurants (NY Times)

Best Films of 2023(Rotten Tomatoes)

Funniest Jokes of the Year(New Yorker)

Dave Barry’s Year in Review(Anchorage Daily News)

Best New Fast Foods of 2023(Taste of Home)

Top 10 Cars of 2023 (Car&Driver)

Formula 1 Championship Final Standings(Motorsports)

Top New Comedians (Vulture)

World’s Hottest Models 2023(ThinkWithNiche)

Best Storebought Jams & Jellies(Food)

Top 10 Dress Trends of 2023 (Vogue)

100 Most Watched TV Shows (Variety)

Worst Oscar Speeches of All Time(Independent)

Worst Fashion Brands to Avoid(Sustainably Chic)

Fastest Growing Sports in the USA(Daily Infographic)

Top Tools of 2023(Popular Mechanics)

2023 Emmy Award Winners(Entertainment Weekly)

World’s Biggest Bankruptcies 2023(Global Finance)

Time Year End Bests of Lists (Time)

Worst Shoes Ever (AOIBot)




The  first The Year in Posts was produced in 2014. Photo courtesy of our friends at, who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file. The photo has not been altered in any way. All rights belong to Getty Images and/or their designate. Text(c) 2022,2023,2024 Donald Pierce, all rights reserved; post produced by the Media Bunker and Perception Engineering. Have a safe 2024, beware of COVID 19 (it’s still around) and travel safely. We will, incidentally, add to the lists from time, so check back.  See you..soon …












































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