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Actor Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s most popular actors (but not one that anyone-but Smith–would consider exceptionally talented or gifted) screwed up his career and what remains of his legacy at the 2022 Academy Awards when he marched on stage and slapped Oscar Host Chris Rock, who remained ultra cool and carried on with the show. Smith had reasons why he performed the un-necessary act of violence on a national telecast, but it doesn’t matter. He screwed up big time, and already studios are “pausing” or “canceling” projects that he was involved in. You can refresh your memory of this unfortunate incident by clicking here…but suffice to say a bit of self-control is always a top characteristic of top people. See ya, Will. You’re officially cancelled. 

 The Fine Print: Video embed courtesy of  our friends at YouTube. All copyrights reserved by their respective copyright owners. We thank them for sharing. The feature “It’s Never Too Late to Screw Up Your Life” was inspired by friend of the Media Bunker, Producer Mike Hulsey. We thank Mike for his contributions. Stay tuned, more to come. 

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