The Winter Film Festival: "Attack of La Niña"

Edgework: After the sheer intensity of the Hahnenkamm and the Haute Route, it’s time for some  relaxing…cliff drops and deep powder skiing. Another great full-length film by Matchstick Productions and MSP  Films, starring Mark Abman, Sean Pettit, and Ingrid Backstrom, this video was released just two months ago and covers a record year in powder […]

The Winter Film Festival: The Hahnenkamm

Edgework: The elephant in the room for downhill racers is always Kitzbuhel and the famous Hanenkamm downhill course. Some will say it’s exhilerating; all will say it’s scary. This video, produced by FIS and Jalbert Productions, provides some history of the race along with commentary from downhiller’s who’ve run the course. It’s sobering and intense […]

The Winter Film Festival:"Inside The World's Most Dangerous Race"

Edgework: A short piece from CBS news on the famous Kitzbühel downhill, the legendary, ice-coated course that has wiped out the best downhillers in history. Skiing this course in competition makes you a part of a very exclusive club; winning the race makes you a legend. Enjoy. See you at the bottom. Our annual Winter […]

The Winter Film Festival: "Haute Route 2016 1"

Edgework: A final look at our mini-series of videos and films on the classic Haute Route. This one features older skiers/ski mountaineers and running commentary. It’s intimate and it’s fun and exhausting. Our annual Winter Film Festival, the Fourth one we’ve produced, is now in progress.  The WFF posts go up after the The Nightshift’s […]

The Winter Film Festival: How to Ski Tour the Haute Route

Edgework: We got deep into the Haute Route this year and have two more videos on this classic ski mountaineering adventure. The Haute Route is part skiing trip/part winter mountaineering. Either way, it’s a classic. This particular video, approximately 10 minutes long, provide an up close and personal look at the route that starts in […]

The Winter Film Festival: Ski Radonee de la Haute Route

Edgework: One more look at skiing the Haute Route, this one in French (if you don’t speak French..well..the visuals are great and you can get the gist of things. Enjoy. See you at the bottom. Our annual Winter Film Festival, the Fourth one we’ve produced, is now in progress.  The WFF posts go up after […]

The Winter Film Festival: What it Takes to Go Ski Mountaineering

Edgework: IFMGA guide Todd Passey details what he brings when he takes on classic ski mountaineering adventures like The Haute Route. The mountains, and in particular mountain expeditions for skiing, climbing, glacier work, are no place for the unprepared or the amateurs. If you’re going to attempt something like the Haute Route or the Skier’s […]