The Act You’ve Known For All These Years

Embed from Getty Images The Hunt For New Music: “It was twenty years ago today, when Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play”….—Sg. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Lennon-McCartney)Editor’s Note: Actually, it was more than 50 years ago that “Sgt. Pepper’s” was introduced in America. In celebration of that event, there are several posts and […]

Summer Weekend Concert Series: Dr. John at the Newport Jazz Festival, 2016

A video of Dr. John performing at the Newport Jazz Festival in 2006. The video is very good throughout but there is a bit of an audio issue in the beginning of the set. Stay with it. Thanks to the  Newport Jazz Festival and Funk and Reggae for sharing. The Fine Print: Special thanks to […]

Christmas One More Time, VIII

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: More music from our library of Christmas music playlists. Playing loud is highly recommended. You can hear this playlist via our friends at Spotify, who have kindly made it available online…just click the link below and a web player will appear on your desktop and play the list…..enjoy some […]

Christmas One More Time I(COMT I)

The Hunt For New (Christmas)Music: For over a decade, I’ve been putting together a Christmas playlist. The goal is simple: Introduce friends to new Christmas music they probably haven’t heard, or old Christmas music performed in a new version by a new artist. In the spirit of Christmas, it’s time to share these lists, all of […]

Transitions: Hugh Masekela, (1940 to 2018)

The Hunt for New Music. Hugh Masekela, one of the world’s finest and most honored jazz musicians, has died at the age of 78. Masekela, called a “great son of Africa”,  was not just a terrific trump player, but also an anti-apartheid activist who spent three decades in exile. Masekela died from complications of cancer, […]

The Weekend Concert Series: Steely Dan, Two Against Nature

The Hunt For New Music When we lost Walter Becker on 3 September 2017, we lost one of America’s great and innovative musicians. As one half of the music group Steely Dan (named after an item in a William Burroughs novel…so you get immediately the drift of the intellect of these two), Walter Becker teamed […]

A Fourth of July Anthem

The Hunt for New Music. Does anyone sing America the Beautiful better than Ray Charles? No, is the short answer. In addition to our national anthem, this may be our second greatest song. Ray Charles sings it here, live, with an orchestral accompaniment. Take some time and take it in. He was–and remains via his […]

Sgt. Pepper's Re-boot

The Hunt for New Music: Embed from Getty Images Here’s an interesting idea for fans of “Sgt. Pepper” and The Beatles. Re-boot the album. Re-imagine, re-order, re-program it, because as terrific as it was, is, and remains, there were some very interesting conversations during the production of the record about what songs should be included […]

The Weekend Concert Series: Paul McCartney, Good Evening New York City

The Hunt for New Music:  Just a terrific concert, Paul McCartney in New York to open the new Citi Field Stadium in 2009. The video is HD and the sound is very good; the song list a collection of Beatles and McCartney tunes. The opening is particularly well done. No need to puff this one […]