Missing It: What Happened to The Tonight Show Opening

Paying Attention This post was originally put up in early September (maybe you’ve noticed a trend..as we work through some of the greatest hits from the past). Last night, 8 October 2019, the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon opening returned to its’ classic opening format…the one used since the first telecasts of the show. Why? […]

The Sorensen Memo: How To Manage A Presidential Replacement

We live in dangerous and interesting times. With all of the very heated discussions about the impeachment inquiry and possible removable from office of President Trump –both sides accusing each other (and anyone else within shouting range) of various forms of wrong doing–it seemed like a good time to do a little digging and see […]

The Metrics

Point of Information For those who keep track of such things–and that’s one of the things we do in The Media Bunker–the metrics behind a blog like this one can get very interesting. Here’s a breakdown of what’s been published and what’s in the pipeline to this point in time: Articles Published: 1613 Drafts: 310 […]

The (Secret) History of The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Paying Attention: Embed from Getty Images   From The Nightshift Archives  Editor’s Note: The classic Pebble Beach Pro-Am PGA Tour event is this weekend and, as always, we honor this unique event with a re-post of the history of the event and the man who started it: Bing Crosby. This particular post is excerpted from […]

The Holiday Movie Playlist: Where to see the Christmas Classics

Paying Attention: Christmas movies and specials are one of the great traditions of the Holidays,  but finding the film or show you want to see can be a bit of an adventure. To make things a whole lot simpler,  here are some very well curated lists of the best shows and movies on the air […]

Point of Information: Brexit

Editor’s Note: With this post, we start a new category of subject material: Point of Information. A Point of Information is a feature of a parliamentary debate that allows one party to bring up a fact (or facts) about a particular subject matter under debate. If you’re interested in the topic, click here for further […]