Why Work? It's Christmas.

Paying Attention: We all know that things wind down at the end of the year(an investment banking friend once said that if “your deal isn’t signed and scheduled for closing before Thanksgiving, you’re going to have start all over in January, because it’s not getting done before the end of the year”) and in the week […]

The Christmas Channel: How Hallmark Owns a Holiday

Paying Attention Maybe you noticed it on the way to another channel–the Hallmark Channel. Not necessarily a destination on your cable TV or satellite TV lineup, but a fixture, always there and always programming a type of show or made-for-tv movie that is quintessentially American. At no time during the year is the presence (and […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. XI

The Hunt For New (Christmas) Music: Embed from Getty Images This is the 11th in a series of Christmas music playlists, featuring old classics along with many new songs that you may not have heard before. As always, enjoy The Best of the Season, musically. Just click the link: https://sptfy.com/72a6 Happy & Merry!

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. XII

The  Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: Embed from Getty Images The last in our series of Christmas music playlists for 2016. There are lots of great songs on these playlists–dig some of it out and give it a listen. Next up: setting one (or more) of the Playlists on click-to-hear Spotify link. Happy Holidays Just […]

Baby, It’s Sweater Weather Outside (Re-setting Christmas Classics for the Modern Era)

Editor’ Note: Originally published in December of 2018, when the PC police went one song too far and came after “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”….and republished this year because traditions are important and it’s also important to realize the false pretense and logic of trying to apply one generation’s cultural perceptions vs. an earlier generation’s ideals….we […]

Christmas One More Time, V

The Hunt for New Music:  Another Christmas playlist composed of new songs you probably haven’t heard before combined with some old favorites re-done by new artists…pay particular attention to the first song, which is a pretty great remix of a classic holiday song. All in all, a very good list and yes, there is music […]