Nightshift Sports Training: Swimming like an Olympian

The Olympics Embed from Getty Images They make it look so easy, the Olympic swimmers, but the strokes they lay down in the 50 meter pool are so much more refined than what most of us produce when we do a few laps for exercise. In a sport in which tenths and hundredths of a […]

Nightshift Sports Rio: Thursday Clickpak

The Olympics A clickpak of relevant and interesting articles about the Rio Olympics.   Hunting for the Gold Medal in Branding (Source: Bloomberg) The Sharpshooter Look at the Olympics (Source: Wired) Leslie Jones (of SNL) Goes To The Olympics (Source: NY Magazine) How Technology is Changing the way we Watch the Olympics (Source: Business Insider)

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: Mariel Zagunis

The Olympics Fencing is an old, old sport. It’s possible that you might not know anyone that actually knows how to fence, which is all the more reason why you should watch Mariel Zagunis of the U.S. Olympic Fencing team. The sport is lightning quick and is more of a mind game than a physical […]

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: Allyson Felix

The Olympics  One in in a series of videos on the 2016 Rio Olympics focusing on American Athletes. The series is produced by Sports Illustrated. This particular video focuses on American track&field star Allyson Felix.  One recommendation: play it full screen. It’s very well done. Embed courtesy of Sports Illustrated via YouTube .

Nightshift Sports Rio: Olympics On All Devices

The Olympics From our friends at Wired magazine, a guide to watching the Olympics on all of your digital devices. And, here at the media bunker, we have a very simple  system to keep up with the events, using Chromecast, a laptop, and a flatscreen. Go to and select the events you want to […]

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: Official Guide

The Olympics Embed from Getty Images For the next 17 Days the Rio Olympics will provide a very necessary relief from the circus that is the current American Presidential race. For that reason, alone, we should watch. There is also the chance to see a lot of very-seldom-publicized and televised sports contested at the highest […]