Nightshift Sports: How to get to the Olympics

The Olympics  The Olympics have a way of making us ambitious and enthusiastic. Do you think you (or a family member or friend) would like to compete (and compete is the word, not just attend) in the Olympics? If so, NBC and the U.S. Olympic committee have made it easy for you with the Gold […]

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: Mariel Zagunis

The Olympics Fencing is an old, old sport. It’s possible that you might not know anyone that actually knows how to fence, which is all the more reason why you should watch Mariel Zagunis of the U.S. Olympic Fencing team. The sport is lightning quick and is more of a mind game than a physical […]

Nightshift Sports Rio: Olympics On All Devices

The Olympics From our friends at Wired magazine, a guide to watching the Olympics on all of your digital devices. And, here at the media bunker, we have a very simple  system to keep up with the events, using Chromecast, a laptop, and a flatscreen. Go to and select the events you want to […]

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: The Games

The Sports of the 2016 Rio Olympics:  Just in case you were wondering what sports will be contested in the 2016 Olympics, here’s a complete list, along with some additional notes on certain sports. Most sports have male and female contests; some are male or female only, and in one, the equestrian events, men and women […]

Winter Sports Film Festival: Ski Priority 1–Centered Balance

Edgework: Is this the winter you said that you would definitely learn to ski the right way? Time’s running out on the season, but if you haven’t gone to the slopes yet–or you are at the slopes and just want to improve–we’re running a group of videos that will cover some of the basics of […]

Olympic Briefing: The Final Medal Count

Press Clippings: We came. We saw. We faltered–at least in FIgure Skating and Speed Skating. Oh well. The Russians took the top spot with the most medals, but, well, it does seem a little fair–they were the hosts and they spent $50 billion turning  a seaside resort with close-by mountains into an Official Olympic Winter […]

Olympic Briefing: 23 February 2014 (The Last Day)

Press Clippings: A schedule of events for Sunday’s last day of competition and events at the Sochi Olympics, from the BBC. Times are GMT; adjust times for your own location. Check back here for updates and videos. Special Thanks to the BBC for developing this very comprehensive listing. S  O  C  H  I 

Olympic Briefing: The Last Slalom Runs

Press Clippings: On Saturday, the 22 of February, the last Alpine event of the 2014 Sochi Olympics will take place: the men’s slalom. The women’s slalom is already completed and we have a new prodigy on the top of the podium–Mikaela Schiffrin–and now its time for the men to make their runs. Bode Miller will […]

Olympic Briefing: Very Best Medal Count Chart

Press Clippings: At the Media Bunker, we hunker down for financial and other news and data from Bloomberg. We like the site, the editors, the reporters, and the guy who started it all. It’s all good. Over the course of the Olympics, we’ve posted up our own Medal Count graphic, but it’s pretty basic: Country, […]

Olympic Briefing: Late Night Headlines

Press Clippings from the Olympic News Wire:  20 February 2014 at 11:00PM, CST.  The news you need before tomorrow’s competitions. Russian skater Sotnikova wins Gold in Women’s Figure Skating. Gracie Gold (US) takes 4th.  Maddie Bowman (U.S.) takes gold in women’s Ski Halfpipe. Canada comes from behind to beat U.S. in Women’s Ice Hockey Thriller . Bonjour, […]