Olympic Briefing: The History of Bobsledding

Paying Attention: Bob sledding is one of the glamour sports of the Winter Olympics. The History of Olympic Bobsledding video (above) shows the growth of the technology of the sleds and the development of the tracks, but the legendary personality who did so much to make the sport popular, the peerless Eugenio Monti, is not singled out for focus.    Monti dominated the sport like no one before or since, winning 6 Olympic Medals (2 Golds) and 10 Gold World Championship medals.  He drove bob sleds at a time when ropes were used to steer the sled and had a marvelous ability to place the sled in the most perfect and quickest position on each curve.  A fearless racer Monti was also a gracious and generous competitor, as his actions in the 1964 Olympics proved– he assisted two separate teams with sled difficulties only to see them go on to win Gold Medals.  Eugenio Monti embodied all that is good about sports and the Olympics and to this day provides an inspiration to everyone who takes the time to learn about this incredible person and his legend of performance and kindness.  Here’s Monti in action at Grenoble in 1968, a compilation video from 1956 to 1968 in which Monti is featured, and, finally, a video from 1960.  Enjoy a step back in time to an era and a personality that were both very special.

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