How To (re)Build An Iconic Racetrack

Daytona 24: A time lapse film of the reconstruction/redevelopment of Daytona International Speedway, the site of this weekends’ Rolex 24 at Daytona. Very cool and perfect prep for the weekend race.   The Fine Print: Embed via YouTube(thanks guys).Video by EarthCam (well done). Good luck this weekend to everyone racing in the D24

The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: The Steeps

Edgework: If you ski the back country or go helicopter skiing, you’re going to be skiing deep and steep.  Being good on the steeps is a necessary technical skill, for both safety and enjoyment. In keeping with our Winter Film Festival series for 2016, here’s the first of several videos on good technique for skiing […]

The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Inside Ski

Edgework: There is a lot of attention in ski technique given to the outside ski but even as important as that ski is in turn initiation, the other 50% of the action is happening on the inside ski. Here’s a short instruction piece, with Josh Foster, on the what, why, and how of using the inside […]

The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 5–Control of Line and Speed

Edgwork: You’ve seen the elements in the previous four Ski Priority videos; now learn how to tie them all together in the fifth installment on controlling your line and speed down the mountain. You do know what the fall line is, don’t you? The fall line is the fast way down the mountain. Because it’s […]

The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 4–Pressure Based Steering

Edgework: Continuing with our series of videos to make you more technique conscious.  More instruction from the Ski Priority Series…this one on Pressure Based Steering, something you will need to master to ski it steep and ski it deep. Watch the video a couple of times and it’s best if you can kick it to […]

The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 3-The Pivot

Edgework:  Changing directions is one of the core essential skills in skiing. You have to change directions not just to go where you were you want to go, but to also to avoid going where you don’t want to to (like into a tree or another skier ). Also…a change of direction is a great […]