Christmas Time for the Jews

Paying Attention (Special Holiday Edition):Another in our special series of Saturday Night Live Holiday videos. This one is another classic, “Christmas Time for the Jews”,  a stop-motion video that details all the things that Jews can do while the Christians are home celebrating Christmas. It’s a very funny way of looking at the biggest holiday in […]

Schweddy Balls

Paying Attention (Special Holiday Edition) Number two in great SNL Christmas videos is one of the most famous (perhaps THE most famous) SNL holiday sketches,  the NPR parody featuring Alec Baldwin, Anna Gasteyer and Molly Shannon as hosts and guest on a mid-west Christmas time cooking show. First broadcast in 1998, it was classic the instant […]

Transitions: Junior Johnson(1931-2019)

Embed from Getty Images A legend in word and deed has passed: Robert Glen Johnson, Junior, better known as Junior Johnson, one of the greatest drivers in the history of NASCAR–and one of the men who helped make that form of automobile racing the most popular in the world–died on December 20th of this year. […]

The SNL Christmas Classics: Santa’s My Boyfriend

Another in our continuing series of the best Christmas sketches from Saturday Night Live…this one, a legendary opening with three of the show’s top female stars. Paying Attention:Amy Poehler, Kristin Wiig, and Maya Rudolph produce another Holiday Winner with “Santa’s My Boyfriend”, a racy musical number that was used to open a Christmas time telecast […]

Christmas One More Time XII

Tunes for the season. Turn them on. Turn them up. Enjoy. You can enjoy the entire playlist through the courtesy of our friends at Spotify.  Click the play button the playlist and then you’ll have a couple of choices: sign in if you currently have a Spotify account; signup for a free Spotify account (you’ll […]

The (Secret)History of Christmas Music

This holiday season, in addition to new posts, material, and videos, we are revisiting some of the greats of Christmas past. When the Media Bunker staff started sorting the Christmas posts, they discovered tons of holiday themed articles and posts…dat’s alot. So, no need to keep it all tucked away in a digital cloud….might as […]