Olympic Briefing: Ski Cross

Press Clippings: Ski Cross is considered a “freestyle skiing” discipline (i.e. like slope style, aerials) even though it also requires the skills typically associated with Alpine Skiing (expert navigation down a course and timed competition against other skiers). A ski cross course includes natural downhill runs combined with jumps and other man-made obstacles.  On television, it’s most famous for the runs pitting four skiers against one another down the course; this part of the sport has a tendency to very closely resemble a roller derby on snow, although the rules forbid intentionally jostling or hitting other competitors, theoretically. The sport looks wild and dangerous and it is; already at Sochi, a Russian athlete has suffered a very severe back injury. It  Read up on ski cross at this wiki     and then take a look at these two videos, one terrific POV (we love POV) video  shot in Utah and another of the Nissan ski cross tour.

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