French Open Deep Background: How to Slide on A Clay Court

Paying Attention: We’re in weekend of the French Open. The men’s semis are now over (yes, Djokovic took our Murray in 5 sets); the women’s title decided (another win for Serena) and tomorrow–the men’s title. What the tennis fan sees this weekend is tennis at its’ finest–the art of clay court tennis, as mastered by the best in the world. In this short series of videos to be posted over the next few hours,  you will get some deep background about the techniques required to be an effective clay court player along with footage of some of the best rallies, great shots and top players in the history of the sport. Let’s start with the basics: how to slide on a clay court.
The Fine Print: Embed realized through YouTube (our go-to source for video…maybe you’ve noticed).  All rights belong to respective rights holder. We thank the producers of this piece and appreciate their generosity in sharing this piece. 

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