The Triumph of Roger Ailes

Fox News Truck photo by Vincent Desjardins (c) 2011. Used via Creative Commons License.
Fox News Truck photo by Vincent Desjardins (c) 2011. Used under Creative Commons License.  Thank you Vincent for sharing.

You may watch Fox News or you may not. You may  be a conservative or you may be a liberal. You may be on the right wing, in the middle, or on the left. But no matter where you stand, or what you believe, you must give credit to Roger Ailes, the President of Fox News and the man who has made that channel the single most powerful news voice in America. On Thursday night, Aisles delivered a massive hit for Fox with Fox News’ production, staging, and staffing for the first Republican Presidential Candidate debate.  Twenty-Four million people watched the debate: it was the most watched non-sports show in cable TV history, the most watched cable news show in history, the most watched telecast ever on Fox News. Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox Networks,  who put Ailes in charge of Fox News, doesn’t interfere (even if he disagrees) and lets Ailes run the show. The results have been spectacular and last night was historic. Ailes is, simply, the best news exec in the business and last night, like all great performers, execs, and athletes, he rose to the challenge.

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