The American Masters (PBS) Profile of Johnny Carson

Press Clippings: Simply terrific profile of the master of Late Night: Johnny Carson. This documentary is from the American Masters series from PBS and is an exceptional look at the very private man who was one of the most public figures in the history of modern media who, it is said without hyperbole, created late night television as a format and a cultural event.  Before watching this film, it is recommended that you check out the previous post on Johnny Carson on this blog, which featured the now-legendary profile of Carson written by English critic Kenneth Tynan for The New Yorker.  Together, the written profile and the documentary provide an unprecedented examination of a legendary figure that everyone recognized but nobody really knew.
The Fine Print: Embed Courtesy of our friends at YouTube. Documentary produced for the American Masters series, and first aired on PBS. All rights belong to their respective artists. We thank all for sharing. 

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