Merry Christmas from Texas…..

Paying Attention: Texas is a different kind of place. It’s actually more of a country than a state, and within Texas there is a rich diversity of cultures and art and personalities. It’s a state that accepts a very wide range of personalities…you can be outlandishly eccentric in Texas and no one will think twice about it. You can be super-preppy and that’s just fine. ¬†And all types of personalities can converge at a Christmas party or an outdoor barbecue and have a great time while disagreeing about everything but one thing: it’s great to be in Texas. And it’s great to see companies embrace the Texas side of their brand. One of the very beast of the season is this commercial by H.E.B., a Texas supermarket chain that is true to its roots (and very, very good). It’s simple, direct, and gets the point across. Well done, guys. And Merry Christmas.

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