Last Day at The Post

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Press Clippings: For decades,  was a bastion of old school journalism. Founded in 1877,  owned by the Graham family since 1946, and lead for decades by the charismatic, fearless  Editor Ben Bradlee, The Washington Post was the paper of record for Washington D.C. and, by extension a critical window into American government, complete with all of its highs and lows, drama and scandal (it was The Post that unearthed the Watergate scandal that brought Nixon down), bravery and chicanery. The paper was sold in 2013 to Jeff Bezos, of Amazon for $250 million, a victim of changing delivery systems for all information (digital) and newspaper in particular (the business model for a newspaper is devastatingly uneconomic: the product has a 24 hour shelf life and the cost of production is enormous). Bezos has plans to modern the paper in every area, and, no doubt, move it into a more modern, digital process of news production and delivery. Whether or not that vision will match the 47 Pulizter prizes the Post has previously been awarded (6 in one year) is yet to be seen, but the transition is full effect. Here’s a piece on the last day at the old office of The Washington Post.  To say this is the end of an era is an understatement of heroic proportions. Long live the new version of The Washington Post and may it maintain the very high standards of the old version.
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