How to legal your film

Arriflex 1 SR3Annals of IP: Protecting Your Film.  Mark Litwak is on your side. You probably don’t even know Litwak…but if you’re a creative, if you write, make films, make music, are into intellectual property–he’s on your side. He’s the real life “Better Call Saul” for Creatives. Litwak–who is one of America’s top IP attorneys has produced a terrific guide to help film-makers protect their reputations and their films.  This is REQUIRED READING FOR FILM-MAKERS. Read it. Follow the advice. And send a nice thank you note to Mark for sharing his knowledge (and don’t forget to thank him when you win an Oscar…)
The Fine Print: Photo (c) 2011 by Derrick Collins taken on 7 April 2011, while Derrick was in prep for his final shoot of film school. Used under Creative Commons license. (Use and support the Creative Commons license…and donate a few bucks if you can). Thanks to Derrick for sharing (and hope that final film project worked out..let us know!)

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