Live from Daryl's House: Rob Thomas

The Hunt For New Music.  Once in a while, you find a great source of new music. Maybe it’s something that’s been around for a while and you were late to the discovery party. Maybe it’s an entirely new band or sound that came to you in an entirely new way. One of the very best sources for New Music we’ve found recently is the TV show Live From Daryl’s House. The show’s premise is simple: Daryl Hall, the “Hall” of “Hall & Oates” is a consummate singer, songwriter, and musician and he is a master of his craft. Early in his career, he was a studio rat in Philadelphia, where he and John Oates (his partner) learned their chops and paid their dues working in Philly studios, notably with Gamble&Huff, the powerhouse soul/blues/pop producing team. Daryl loves music and he never stands still, and one of his projects was to invite musicians to his place in upstate New York to play together. He invited all types of musicians, with all kinds of sound and styles, because he’s got a very broad bandwidth. The show that is Live at Daryl’s House started off as a podcast and then the decision was made to video it and turn it into a 30 minute show. It’s a cable show (on the VH1/MTV network) and there are 70 rocking episodes so far. The format is simple: the musician(s) arrive, they chat, they jam, eat, jam some more. The repertoire of music includes standards, favorites, Hall & Oates hits, the guest musician hits, and anything else they like.  The house musicians at Daryl’s House are all terrific and the musical performances superb. Not surprisingly the video is very well done but the sound is something special: just superb. Daryl’s  guests have included everyone from Aloe Blacc and Mayer Hawthorne to Booker T , Sammy Hagar, Ben Folds, Shelby Lynn, Joe Walsh, Grace Potter, and Sharon Jones. If you know anything about music, you know those names. This post is the first in a series of posts featuring performances from Live From Daryl’s House and showcases Rob Thomas, the former lead singer of Matchbox 20, performing “Someday”.  All of these shows are great. As always when music is featured here, the mantra is: kick it to the flat screen, run it through the stereo, and turn it up. It’s good music. Enjoy.
The Fine Print:  Embed via YouTube. Upload from LFDH. (thanks guys). All rights Reserved by their respective artists. 

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