Keyless Entry: Why it’s easy to steal a car with electronic keys

Paying Attention:  Keyless entry for automobiles is not only supposed to be more convenient and safe (you just walk up, the car unlocks, you get in, push the start button, rev up, and drive off) but more security (the codes from the electronic keys are scrambled constantly and there is nothing to duplicate, as with regular mechanical keys).  But…just as technology advances for the good, the bad also advance technology. And now, they’ve sorted out how to steal keyless entry cars without breaking a sweat. This story on WIRED’s site spells out the scary details. 
And that, folks, is how it goes. The good guys advance. The bad guys take counter-measures. Or, as Newton put it, “for every action that is an equal and opposite reaction”. Think of that opposite reaction when you see your new i8 disappearing down the street.

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