Clay Court Clinic: Toni Nadal (Rafa's coach) on Opening The Court

Paying Attention: The French Open is on and perhaps you’d like to try a little clay court tennis yourself. First, please note that Clay Court tennis is a very different type of tennis from hard court or grass. It requires more stamina, better and more consistent ground strokes, and the ability to work a point, not just tee off on the ball. The best clay court player of the modern era is Raphael Nadal, who has won the sport’s premier clay court tournament, the French Open, a breathtaking 9 times. Want to learn to play like Rafa? Got just the ticket, via a video featuring the coaching and wisdom of Rafa’s uncle (and coach) Toni Nadal. First up: how to open up the court on clay.
The Fine Print: Video embed courtesy of YouTube (thanks, guys). Coaching by Toni Nadal. All rights reserved by respective rights holders. Visit for videos. 

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