The Art of the Movie Trailer: Dr. Strange

The Latest Word: The power of the Marvel Comics film franchise is undeniable–in a world in which the success of a film is sometimes a direct correlation to it’s CGI/action content and super-hero character traits, Marvel is king of the hill. The Marvel franchise(s) have had quite a labyrinthine history, but despite all the wild buying/selling/licensing, the characters created and/or owned by Marvel have turned out to be some of the most powerful box office draws in recent history and rights to Marvel characters to be  one of the very best movie investments ever: over $21 Billion in total box office for the entire universe of Marvel characters. The lure of playing Marvel characters (and the compensation for such roles) is strong enough to attract some of the very best “serious” actors. This time, its Benedict Cumberbatch who has gone on board with Marvel to star as the lead in  Dr. Strange. Cumberbatch is a very good young actor (His Sherlock TV series is a classic) and he will bring a certain amount of gravitas to the genre. Dr. Strange is coming this fall; here’s a short teaser that gives a glimpse of what to expect from the latest tent pole in the Marvel franchise.
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