Nightshift Sports: The Ryder Cup

Paying Attention

It’s Back: The Ryder Cup. The Biennial golf competition that pits 12 of the best U.S. Golfers against 12 of the best European Golfers. It’s a three day competition, with competition taking place in three different formats: four ball, foursomes, and singles. The enthusiasm for this competition is amazing–in America, it’s more like a big time college football game than a traditional PGA tournament. Control of emotions and nerves is paramount for a good showing. Here’s a short, handy guide to the golf competition that will take over the sports world this weekend (even better: it’s being played in the U.S. at Hazeltine, in Minnesota). The major story line? The U.S. has lost 8 out of the last 10 competitions. Maybe this year’s team will bring the Cup back to America again. Read all about it,  by clicking this this link: Deep background: The Ryder Cup. 
The Fine Print: image courtesy of our friends at Getty Images (thanks guys). Doing a blog? You need them. Check them out. 

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