The Making of the President 2016

Paying Attention
With respect to Theodore H. White, whose The Making of the President 1960 about the election between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon is one of the greatest of all books on American Politics, below please find a Clickpak of important, interesting, and relevant links to check out today, 8 November 2016, as the nation votes. You will hear a lot of (mis) information on television, but this is a good year and a very good day to drill down for more substantive background and material. So..have at it. It’s only the future of the country at stake.
The Bloomberg Election Cheat Sheet  (Source:
The New Election Data Guru (Source:
The End Game for Clinton and Trump (Source:
Media Malpractice 2016 (Source:
The Twitter Wars (
FiveThirtyEight: Data Analysis on the Election (source:
Politico (
Can the Republican Party Survive the Election (

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