The Nightshift: 1 January 2017

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Good Morning, it’s Sunday, 1  January 2017, New Year’s Day.
In years past in America, New Year’s Day was the day of the Bowl Games: Orange, Cotton, Rose, Sugar. Starting on the east coast with the Orange Bowl in Miami and then working its’ way across America to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, to Pasadena, California, for the Rose Bowl, and then back to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. New Year’s Day was THE football day of the year. It was a uniquely American tradition and start to a New Year and, in many ways, perfect (if you were a college football fan).
Now, it’s New Year’s Eve that’s the big football day, with it’s two playoff games to determine the final two teams who will play for the College National Championship. In last nights’ contests, Alabama took Washington apart 24-7 and Clemson beat Ohio State 31-0, proving, again, that the best football in America is played in the South and that the selection process for college football’s national title is not quite yet perfected.
Today, more football as the pros take the field but a New Year is always about more than football in America and the rest of the world–it’s the time to reflect on the blur that was last year and to make plans, goals, and yes, resolutions, for 2017.
In between all that activity, the good-luck black-eyed peas and ham lunches, the champagne toasts celebrating the year gone by and the one to come, please check out the great newspapers of the world by clinking the links below to see how the rest of the world welcomed in 2017.
May the Happy Holiday spirit continue.
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The Times (London
Financial Times (UK)
The Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland)
The Wall Street Journal (European edition)
Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
New York Times (New York)
The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
Daily News Egypt (Cairo)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
The Moscow Times (Moscow)
Le Figaro (Paris)
The Jerusalem Post (Jerusalem)
The Japanese Times (Tokyo)
The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires)
The Sidney Morning Herald (Sidney)
Deadline Hollywood (Hollywood)
FiveThirtyEight (New York City)
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