The Age of BS

Paying Attention:

Maybe you’ve noticed that the age of BS is upon us. Coming at us from all directions. The Media. The government. Business. Gurus and friends and enemies. Everyone is getting full of it and the spin is so intense it’s even making the spinners dizzy.
This unprecedented level of BSdom has not gone unnoticed. It’s even been studied.
As a public service, we present a pretty terrific post from , which will explain the predicament we all find ourselves in, on an almost daily basis. Separating truth from non-truth/BS has never been more time consuming.
Wade in and learn the full dimensions of a cultural trend we really, really, didn’t need.
The Fine Print: Special thanks to Daring Fireball for turning this one up. Always sharp. Always.)  Image courtesy of our friends at Getty Images, who, not surprisingly, have images for just about any topic. Thanks, guys, for sharing. 

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