The Winter Film Festival: "Few Words" featuring Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex is a French alpinist, skier, and film maker. He is at home in the backcountry, dropping in off the top of a mountain, and, mostly, in the air, where he is constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the combination of skier, snow, and mountain. This full-length film is titled “Few Words”; once you see Thovex ski you’ll see why–he lets his skiing do the talking(although there’s plenty of commentary by his contemporaries). Set in the the world’s great mountain ranges  and resorts, and produced in cooperation with QuickSilver (always support the companies that reach out and back these kinds of projects…), the film is filled with stunning aerial shots and amazing photography. Sharply edited, shot in high-def with lots of historical footage added in, this is one you definitely will want to bump to the flat screen for viewing.
There are few people in the world who can ski like Candide Thovex and we should all be thankful that his technique, accomplishments, and adventures have been captured on film.
You may not be able to ski like Thovex but you will know what’s possible on skis after you see this film. We will have more of Thovex later in the WFF series.
See you at the bottom.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy of our friends at YouTube, who have an amazing collection of skiing and other videos available for your enjoyment. Thanks, guys, for sharing. This post is number 945 for this site. 

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