The Winter Film Festival: Rossignol on Binding Position

A short but good on essential knowledge for skiers: where to place the binding on your ski. This one is produced with the emphasis on freestyle skiing. It’s information you should know before you put a new set of bindings on your new skis (or your old ones for that matter). The video is produced by Rossignol as one in their “Coaching” series; if you ski, you know Rossignol as one of the great ski companies and ski makers in the world, so the information presented is coming from a high level of expertise.
And it’s important: the binding is your interface (or connection, to use an old-fashioned term)with the ski. Do it right and you have a great connection. Do it wrong, and you’re in a world of trouble. Even though you’re probably not going to mount the binding on the ski yourself (let the ski shop mechanics do it), it’s good for you to know the theory involved.
Good bindings/binding position is one of the steps to good skiing.
Thanks to Rossignol for making this available and sharing.
And, if you’re looking for an evening of skiing entertainment, just scroll down catch the full-length Warren Miller film “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow”.
See you at the bottom.
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