The Nightshift: 31 March 2017

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Editor’s Note: The Nightshift will be published in abbreviated form for the next couple of weeks due to outside scheduling commitments. Weekend editions will be full-pack, but weekday commentary will be very streamlined. 
Good Morning,  It’s Friday, 31 March 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news feed.
Weirdness prevails in Washington (It would be nice if they could get things under control, wouldn’t it?). Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has offered to testify(“he’s got a story to tell” says his attorney) about the Russian hacking drama if he gets immunity. As one of the Senators investigating the Russian/Hacking/Collusion mess says, “innocent people don’t need immunity”.  Draw your own conclusions. The New York Times revealed the names of the two people from the White House who played Representative Devin Nunes by giving him “intelligence” information about supposed “surveillance” that he then brought back to the White House the next day to show the President.  Wonder when Nunes will realize that he was tossed under the bus by the White House? His career is effectively over. What a mess. For the record, President Trump has a received a Grade of “F” from voters for his performance so far, according to a poll conducted by Marist/McClatchy. By comparison, Obama received a “B” at the same stage of his presidency. At this point, what’s going on in Washington is about competency and truth. Get it together guys.
Get outside the beltway and there’s very good news: the NCAA Final Four is this weekend, with South Carolina vs. Gonzaga(the Zags are sentimental favorites) and North Carolina vs. Oregon (Carolina was in the Final Four last year). Next week is the Masters. SpaceX, Elon Musk’s personal rocketship company has successfully launched a satellite using a semi-useable rocket. That’s progress. And, Crayola sent the color “Dandelion” (a shade of yellow) to the old colors home and retired it.
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The International Headlines are all at your fingertips. Have a great weekend:
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The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
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South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
The Moscow Times (Moscow)
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The Japanese Times (Tokyo)
The Buenas Aires Herald (Buenas Aires)
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Politico (Washington, DC)
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