The Nightshift: 6 April 2017

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Editor’s Note: The Nightshift will be published in abbreviated form for the next couple of weeks due to outside scheduling commitments. Weekend editions will be full-pack, but weekday commentary will be very streamlined. 
Good Morning,  It’s Thursday, 6 April 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news feed.
The reality show that is American politics continues to amaze and bewilder. Yesterday, Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart, alt-right advisor to Donald Trump was booted off the NSC–just in time to miss the really good meetings while the group decides what to do with North Korea and the problem in Syria. General H.R.McMaster, the consummate military professional who is head of the NSC, is credited with evicting the amateur Bannon.  Bannon’s still in the White House, but his run might be over and his power could be fading. The diversionary tactics continue as the White House tries to move attention from the real issue–Russian hacking/collusion/footsie playing–to non-important things like continuing refutation of wiretapping. So far–not very successful. An attempt to jump start the DOA Trumpcare program failed (they’re 0-2 in health care). There are serious issues facing the world. Let’s hope the administration can get it together.
Mary Anderson, the who who helped start outdoor retailer (and powerhouse)REI has died. She was 107 and yes, you probably have something you bought at REI if you hike or spend a lot of time outdoors.
In Augusta, Georgia, the Masters golf tournament starts today. One of the odds-on favorites to win, Dustin Johnson, suffered a fall at the home at which he was staying on Wednesday. There are reports that he might have injured his back. Not good for Dustin, who’s been having a pretty great year. The weather could be difficult this year.Youmight want If you’re wondering who will win, check out last night’s post about the stats required to win at Augusta, a pretty darn good analysis from our friends at GolfWRX and Rich Hunt. The first major golf tournament of the year will give golf fans something great to watch this weekend. Perfect.
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