Flat out: Moto GP, April 21-April 23 at Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

There is racing and then there is Moto GP racing. Moto GP racing is the F1 of motorcycle racing. The bikes are extreme, the drivers are absolutely fearless and phenomenally skilled, and the action and visual presentation of the sport is without equal. It is a sport that is visibly, incredibly dangerous. On the weekend of April 21st – April 23rd, Moto GP visited Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas, the site of the U.S. Grand Prix. Photographer Regis Lefebure was on site to capture the action and graciously agreed to share some of his photos, which are absolutely amazing. One thing for certain about Moto GP: these guys are totally committed, have amazing balance and skill, and push the limits on every lap. If you get a chance to see a Moto GP race, do it. It will change your idea of what is possible on two wheels. All photos are (C) 2017 by Regis Lefebure. We thank him for sharing (you should too!).

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