What to Drive After You Sell Your Company

Paying Attention:

For years, Rolls Royce has been the gold standard–literally–in luxury automobiles. They really don’t have anyone else in their “space” , as the MBAs call such a market segment. Mercedes has tried, several times, with the Maybach, but that particular brand has never caught on. Maybe it’s the design of the Maybach but most likely, it’s the lack of history and deep, genetic branding that is intrinsic to Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce means money (big money) and is money. The brand has undergone a much-needed resurgence under the care of BMW, which acquired it in 1998 after a rather contentious divesture of the entire package of motor vehicle assets by Rolls Royce jet engine company Vickers PLC. In the divestiture, the assets of Rolls Royce/Bentley Motors were broken up: Volkswagen Group acquired Bentley (with which they have done very well) and BMW acquired Rolls Royce (with which they have also done very well. Rolls Royce doesn’t produce a lot of different models and so the introduction of a new model is always a very big event. Our friends at Bloomberg.com provide excellent coverage on the latest Rolls Royce model, the Phantom VIII. As you might suspect, there will be a waiting list. Best to get in early.

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