Christmas Camp: How to Make a Christmas Wreath

One thing you will want is a wreath for your front door (or back door, or just to hang over the fireplace). You can buy a wreath or make your own, but making a wreath is a lot of fun, a great experience for everyone in the family, and something that builds wonderful memories of the season. With all of the hobby stores and holiday decoration shops available today, finding the right materials and supplies to create your own wreath is simple. Yes, you can buy the wreath pre-made, or even order one from LL Bean or other online/direct mail stores. But–at least once–you just might find that making one from scratch creates a wonderful holiday memory. This video takes you through the process at a rather nice and enjoyable pace; it’s from The Cracked Pot flower boutique in London and they have the right attitude. Highly enjoyable.
To set the mood, check out the Christmas One More Time XV playlist at Spotify…just type into your browser and you’ve got music to get you through all your projects.
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