Christmas Camp: How to Hang Exterior Lights

During the holidays, it’s time to light up the house. You do not want to be the occupant of the only house on the block (or in the neighborhood) who has not put up Christmas lights. First–a word of caution. At a certain point in your life, you may want to delegate hanging the lights to a professional company. Standing on the top of shaky ladders and stretching out to clip in lights is very hazardous. But—even if that is what you end up doing–you still need to know the process and techniques. Here we present one of two short videos on how to hang exterior lights. Please note that the battle for neighborhood light supremacy is a very real thing: you do not want to get “light shamed”. Also know that the battle has moved to ground level in a lot of neighborhoods–where once the roof/roofline of the house was lit up, now there’s a trend to light at ground level, outlining walkways and spreading lights throughout the shrubs around the front of the house. Whatever your decision for lighting, it’s always good to know as much about the process as possible.
To set the mood, check out the Christmas One More Time XV playlist at Spotify…just type into your browser and you’ve got music to get you through all your projects.
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