The Year in Review: 2017

Paying Attention:
One last look at the year gone by. With hopes that 2018 will be a brighter, better, more prosperous and healthy year for all.
The Guardian’s Top Stories of the Year.
The Chicago Tribune’s Top Stories of 2017.
2017 Biggest International Stories as Told in Photos from NPR.
The Biggest Science Stories of 2017 from Forbes magazine.
USA Today list of Biggest International Stories of 2017.
The Top 10 Tech Stories of 2017 from Mashable.
New York Times List of the Biggest Sports Stories of 2017.
The Best Movies of 2017, Selected by the New York Times. 
The Best TV Shows of 2017 (New York Times).
The Biggest Entertainment Stories of 2017 (MSN).
The Biggest Art Stories of 2017 (Art sy).
The Biggest Music Stories of 2017 (Belfast Telegraph).
and, finally, Notable Deaths in 2017 (Wikipedia). 
The Fine Print: Special thanks to our friends at Google and to all the editors and journalists who helped us compile the list. 

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