Shinnecock Hills: The US Open Course From The Air

Nightshift Sports:
The Us Open  starts tomorrow at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club on Long Island, in New York.  This is the second of golf’s four “majors” and is considered a very difficult tournament to win (aren’t they all?), because of the tight fairways and deep rough. The tournament, hosted by the USGA,  will be covered wire-to-wire by Fox, on the FS1 and Fox networks. To get you ready, take a look at the leadoff video produced by Aerial Landscape (we love drones) and this terrific video created by Golf Magazine, that also provides a “flyover” of the course along with some expert commentary.  Rain is projected for most of the U.S. this weekend (not necessarily the tournament but other areas of the U.S.), so–if you’re stuck inside–you can follow one of the world’s major sporting events. And, of course, Nightshift Sports will be following the US Open from Day 1 to Day 4. Get comfy, tune in, and enjoy a major, wire-to-wire.
The Fine Print: Embed videos courtesy of YouTube and provided by Aerial Landscape and the Golf Channel. You’re watching both, right? You should be. These videos have not been altered in any way. We thank for sharing. Coverage of the U.S. Open produced by the team at Perception Engineering and Nightshift Sports. Get ready, guys, it’s going to be a long weekend. All rights not reserved by others reserved/copyright 2018 donald pierce. Thanks for reading. 

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