Nightshift Sports: US Open 9 September 2018

Day 14
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Context and Background 
The U.S. Open, which started August 27th and ran through September 9th,  is the last tennis major of the year. There was a week of qualifying (the qualifying started on 21 August)before the tournament commenced.
Men’s Singles Championship:

  • Novak Djokovic defeats Juan Martin Del Poltro 6-3.7-6. 6-3

Djokovic is truly back after another major win with the Championship at the 2018 U.S.Open. It was simply a case of Novak being quicker and more powerful than Del Poltro in the Men’s Final. Last July, Djokovic announced he would not compete again until 2018, due to a persistent elbow injury (the way the pros hit the ball now, with the extreme topspin, it’s amazing they all don’t have elbow issues). Djokovic previously won the 2018 Wimbledon tournament, which marked his return to the top tiers of the sport, and with his U.S.Open win, he has now won 14 Majors and is tied with the U.S. pro, Pete Sampras. Roger Federer has 20 Grand Slams; Rafa Nadal has 17. Djokovic’s victory over Del Poltro showed again, dramatically, the role that injuries can have in a career. It was Del Poltro who won the U.S. Open 9 years ago, at age 20, and who then seemed on the path to being a dominant force in the sport. Instead, Del Poltro had to battle back to this year’s final through four wrist surgeries, enough hospital time to derail other, less focused competitors. To reach the finals, Del Poltro had to take out Nadal, who retired from their semi-final match with knee problems. A very good article on the meeting Del Poltro and Djokovic–written before the finals match on Sunday–was published in METRO.
In tennis–as in every other sport from football to golf–it’s hard to be a superstar or achieve legendary status, if you can’t stay in the game. Injuries increasingly take the most talented players out of the game for a variety of reasons: over training, packed competitive schedules, changes in equipment, just plain bad luck. Who’s coming up that can achieve the results of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic? On the men’s side, there are no clear successors. On the women’s tour, maybe it will be Osaka who at 20 played a powerful and measured game against one of tennis best ever players, Serena Williams. It’ll be fun to see the next generation emerge, hopefully without promising careers cut short or ended by injuries.

A series of links to stories and information about the tournament are listed below. Also, today, we are adding a group of equipment links–just in case you get inspired and go out to play tennis, there are links and information on what to buy and where to buy it. We’ve added, a very comprehensive and intelligent blog which is posted under the nom-de-blog “Heavy Topspin” to the reading list.

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