The Paris Auto Show 2018

Paying Attention:
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The annual Paris Auto Show is the predictive event for what’s new and what’s on the horizon for the automobile industry. The show is heavily dominated by the big European brands (it is, after all, held in Paris), but attracts manufacturers from all over the world, some of them very famous and some of them hoping to be very famous. Here’s a quick survey of what’s new in Paris. You are also encouraged to click this link to get’s take on the show, which is always exceptionally good. Looking for a new ride? This would the place to find it.
The Fine Print: Photographs courtesy of our friends at  , who have the photographic history of the 20th and 21st century on file (they remain one of the world’s greatest resources for bloggers, publications and news outlets). These images have not been altered in any way. We thank them for sharing. 

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