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Music For Today’s Headlines: Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Apparent Suicide

You could just see this one coming. Too much money, too much power, too much rule breaking, too many powerful friends, too many secrets that had to go to the grave.

The drama that was Jeffrey Epstein and his life will be with us for years, as the court cases proceed–now civil, since the criminal case against him cannot proceed because there is no him anymore as Jeffrey is dead. A terminal legal technicality for criminal court cases, but reason for possible celebration in the households of people in Epstein’s orbit who might now be clinking champagne glasses and muttering about “poor Jeffrey” and his dramatic exit from the scene while giving a sigh of relief.

The conspiracy theorists (one of them a highly ranked politician) have already fired up the twitter feeds and the analysts and talk show hosts are going to find hours of content and better ratings by ramping up the wilder sides of a very wild Jeffrey Epstein international sex trafficking story.

Some deep background reading on Jeffrey Epstein is below, just so you’ll be prepped for the storm to come.

And our take on the whole thing: One of the Rolling Stones’ very best songs performed live. Perfect for today’s headlines and much better than any talking head on any network. It asks and answers all the right questions.

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