Soundtrack for the News: How Long Has This Been Going On

Time for some soundtracks for our current situation. Why not start off with a classic, featuring Paul Carrack and Eric Clapton, performing “How Long Has This Been Going On”, in Switzerland. A perfect song for our less than perfect situations around the world. It asks all the right questions, rouses all the right feelings, and while it may not solve anything, it will make you feel a little bit better, a little more optimistic about what comes next.

The Fine Print: Video Embed courtesy of YouTube and the Tom Kovats. All copyrights owned by their designated owners. This site makes no claim to copyright ownership. Special thanks to YouTube for making the music available. “Sound Track For the News”  post  produced by Perception Engineering and The Media Bunker team, who spend a lot of time listening and listening and listening some more to the songs and performances.  Copyright 2020 donald pierce and SouthchesterGroup, LLC. Stay well, stay safe, and wash your hands. And practice safe distancing….it’s not so bad.

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