The Nightshift: 25 March 2017

Press Clippings: Embed from Getty Images Good Morning,  It’s Saturday, 25 March 2017, and this is the Morning Edition of The Nightshift, the world’s overnight news feed. Trumpcare failed. The plan–to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare)–never made it to the House floor for a vote. because the Republicans, who control both […]

The Nightshift: 30 January 2017

Press Clippings: Embed from Getty Images Good Morning. It’s Monday, 30 January 2017 and time for the morning edition of The Nightshift. Roger Federer won the Australian Open, in a classic match with long-time foe Raphael Nadal. It was Federer’s 18th victory in a Major. It’s the start of Super Bowl week in America. Will politics […]

The Nightshift: 15 January 2017

Press Clippings: Good Morning, it’s Sunday, 15 January 2017. The circus is leaving town, permanently, as Ringling Brothers/Barnum&Bailey announced their circus–the big top that many of us have seen in the past–will be closing down, a victim of high operating costs and declining attendance. Animals and highly specialized acts in the circus will have to […]