Building Up The Trust Fund


Photo by (2013), used under Creative Commons license. Thanks!
Investing is not boring. It’s just the way to make the money you work for, work for you. Photo by, (January 2013), used under Creative Commons license. Thanks!

Press Clippings:  Investing is an important component of modern life. Whether you were born with money or made your own, the sooner you start investing, the better off you’ll be.
Bloomberg.Com has just produced a very informative slide show that tells you which companies are projected to increase dividends the most over the next three years. When you click to the piece, be certain to read the methodology involved, and be comfortable with it.  As always, seek the advice of an investment professional before you invest in anything but if you’re investing in stocks, stocks that pay dividends as well as appreciate in value, should be on your radar.

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