Olympic Briefing: The Cresta Run

Deep Background: In the previous post, I mentioned the legendary Cresta Run, (the previous link to the wiki is repeated)  located in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was, for a time, the only place where the skeleton sleds ran (1928 and 1948) as an Olympic sport;prior to Olympic inclusion (Skeleton became a permanent Winter Olympic Sport in 2002), skeleton sledding on the Cresta was a unique sport in St. Moritz and taking a run was considered a right of passage of  men of any age, a high level social and athletic celebration.   In doing Olympic research, I uncovered a brilliant film that covers the 125 year history of the Cresta Run. The film was produced for the town of St. Moritz by the St. Mortiz Tobogganing Club (SMTC); it was premiered at the Swiss embassy in London earlier this year.  Since the Cresta Run has such a deep association with the sport’s ultimate inclusion in the modern Olympics, it seems appropriate to include the video as a special addition to the Olympic Briefing series.

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