Olympic Briefing: Figure Skating

Press Clippings: The next wave of endorsement queens is headed your way from Sochi. Although the formal name in the United States is the Women’s Figure Skating Competition  at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, we in America already know–or will soon know–these competitors as endorsers for everything from breakfast cereal to energy drinks to airlines. Hey, it’s an amateur sport and a girl’s got to make a living, right? Only…there’s a problem for the Americans. It’s a very young (they get younger every year), very talented, and very Russian young skater named Julia (Yulia if you’re following us on our Cyrillic alphabet blog) Lipnitskaia. She is a heat seeking missile on ice and the heat she is seeking emanates from a Gold Olympic Medal in the Women’s Figure Skating. You can watch the talented young Julia in the opening video to this post but take our word for it: she’s the real deal. As for Figure skating in general and women’s figure skating in particular, you’ve covered:  More information from generally reputable sources  is available at this wiki on Olympic Figure Skating and in the link-to commentary by Alice Cook who presents her own preview of the American women looking for medals in Sochi, courtesy of the Boston Globe. Now about that endorsement contract…do you have an agent?

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