Olympic Briefing: Giant Slalom

Press Clippings: The Giant Slalom, along with slalom, is considered one of the two technical disciplines of Alpine skiing. The difference between the two is that slalom gates are very closely spaced, requiring extremely quick changes in direction and giant slalom (GS) gates are more widely spaced and taken at a higher speed. Some experts and enthusiasts believe that Giant Slalom is the most perfect representation of Alpine skiing, because it combines the speed and vertical drop of the downhill with the turning/directional control of slalom, which is performed in a very staccato series of abrupt turns.  The GS gates are not quite as widely separated as the Super-G gates, but the technique is basically the same. Get the GS basics down in this wiki and then check out this video of American Bode Miller at the Solden GS in 2013 or his American Teammate Ted Ligety in the Giant Slalom in Austria

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